A Willing Participant is a multi-talented, multi-tasking
creative agency based in Chicago. 

Experts at telling the right story at the right time with the right tools.

Skilled at making more than something out of sometimes nothing.

Absolute killers when it comes to getting better response.

Everything you’d expect from a full-service ad agency…
without the full-service prices. 


Granted, Edison was talking about his lab when he said that... 

But what he said really gets to the core of creative thinking; knowing when to break the rules is when you get some of the best thinking and solutions.


It’s the same here at A Willing Participant. We've been doing this long enough to know the rules don't always apply. Your brand…your project…heck, you…are unique. You need an agency that gets that, not one that brings you the same tried and true.

Throw out the rule book and get shit done, we say
(ok, maybe we shouldn't say that out loud, but you get the idea).


What is it, exactly, we do here?  

Online and offline design 
Copywriting for every situation
Website builds and UX optimization
DRTV/Video production
Email campaign development and management
Content development
Newsletter editorial and management
SEO audits and implementation
Presentation planning and development
New business consulting and strategy


We've won a few awards in our time (yay, us).

Tellys. Hermes. Caples. Tempos. Pinewood Derby. 
Really, though, the work should speak for itself. And through the magic of the Internet, it does when you click on the videos below.
You can also find samples of our other work here.
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A Willing Participant, Inc.  /  Chicago, Illinois  /  markb@awillingparticipant.com  /  (312) 775-2266