5 Pitches for the UberAIR Slogan

November 9, 2017

 Image courtesy of Uber newsroom


Uber's announcement yesterday that it hopes to begin testing flying cars in Los Angeles by 2020 has got us brainstorming on slogans for the service—and the sky's the limit.


Uber Chief Product Officer Jeff Holden broke the news at the Web Summit technology conference in Lisbon. According to CNN, the company has previously announced plans to launch the trial in Dallas and Dubai. The electric aircraft would be operated by pilots, and a trip on one would be comparable in price to a regular Uber, according to the Los Angeles Times.


Holden said Uber's partnership with NASA—and its technology that regulates air traffic safety using artificial intelligence—is instrumental in making the program a reality. "With UberAIR, we're going to be having ... an unprecedented number of aircraft flying over cities," he told Bloomberg. "In order to manage that air traffic in a way that's efficient and safe, we just need new technology."


The prospect of "The Jetsons"-style transportation in the near future is exciting. And our pitches for the service's slogan are really flying around here today as a result—they practically write themselves. Here are five pitches for Uber's planned flying car service.










What slogans would you pitch for the planned UberAIR service? We want to hear them! Share with us in the comment box below.


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