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Who is A Willing Participant (and why should you care)? 

Chicago-based agency A Willing Participant is an assemblage of experts who work together to bring you the best marketing or creative solutions you need to get your job done.


This is not an agency in the typical sense. Instead, it's a "virtual workshop" where we bring together the right experts, at the right time to get the right solution. They're not anonymous guns for hire. They're people with mad skills, healthy work ethics and we like them (that helps, trust us).


So whether you are planning a direct mail acquisition package... developing a full website... rewiring a customer retention campaign... or developing DRTV spots... you’re getting a team who is firing on all cylinders on every level because it’s what they're great at. 


Our work gets results—and gets rewarded, too


Mark Bloom, Founder

I’m a well-seasoned creative professional who strives to bring you the best solution for every challenge. This approach has paid off with numerous awards and exceptional, profitable results for every one of my clients. ​I've been a writer my whole life, and have used that skill to have a varied and successful career for almost 25 years.

Tom Butala, Digital Strategist

I’m a digital content creator driven by data. Prior to jumping into the marketing world I worked as a journalist—covering Chicago government and politics for most of that time. I got my start publishing online when I launched a popular music blog in 2010, and used SEO best-practices to grow traffic. Now, I lend my skill set to our agency’s robust client roster.

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