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Is Your Brand Living a Lie?

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Be a consumer of your brand for a day. Does it live up to the promises it makes out in the wild?

"Why is this important?" you might ask. Because if your brand isn't delivering at every “moment of truth,” you could be missing out on a huge opportunity to connect with customers. Those missed connections mean lower brand engagement—and maybe even lower revenue.

What exactly is a “moment of truth” in real life? It’s each and every interaction a consumer has with your brand. For example, let's imagine the following scenario:

Jamie just purchased the newest smartphone on the market—and it wasn't cheap. Her smartphone service provider markets itself as being at the forefront of burgeoning technology, while at the same time providing customer service that is above and beyond that of their competitors. Their slogan is something like, "The future, made simple."

But here's the problem...

There was nothing "simple" about Jamie's experience with her new phone. After a week or so with her phone, unbeknownst to her, her high-definition photos ate up the phone's entire storage. She couldn't download any new apps. When Jamie stopped by the store for assistance, she stood in line for 2 hours after work before her service provider representative could help her sort out the problem.

As a result, Jamie is now thinking about taking her business elsewhere upon the conclusion of her phone's contract.


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So what's the solution?

With a slogan like, "The future, made simple," this company should truly pride itself on... simplicity. They should go out of their way to reaffirm the company culture they market.

Jamie shouldn't be left to fend for herself. Instead, she should receive a call, SMS text or email from customer service upon 24 hours of her purchase to make sure she's enjoying her phone. After that initial contact, maybe she gets a weekly automated SMS that informs Jamie to "press 1" if she's interested in support regarding anything about her phone or its service.

In this situation Jamie feels valued, appreciated, and that her cellphone provider really does make her life simple. She's not likely to take her business elsewhere any time soon.

Jamie's story is just one example. Are you curious to hear about more strategies like these to help your brand grow stronger and increase your profits? The process includes:

  • Learning to identify "moments of truth" (we can show you how)

  • Managing each moment and turning it into a positive experience (we can teach you how)

  • Repeating these “moments” and making them consistent across channels (we know it works)

Not sure where to start? Ask us for a no-obligation assessment of where your brand lives today. Some of the things we find may surprise you.


Are you interested in hearing an outsider's perspective on your brand?

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