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Increase Your Agency's Online Presence With These 5 Directories

Image by Nathana Rebouças via Unsplash

The world of digital marketing is highly-competitive. As a marketer, you know this.

On top of ramping up your clients' online presence, it's important you don't neglect your agency's own digital marketing efforts so you can stand out from the competition.

Google search...paid search...Facebook...Instagram...YouTube...local SEO—the list of places you need to be all at once goes on and on.

But what about agency directories? Don't tell me you forgot to get listed on all of the agency directories out there 😛

Agency directories are an effective way to make your presence known out there in the great big world marketing.

The truth is, there are tons of them.

And because these directories have spent tons of time and resources on SEO, they often rank on the first page of Google for a range of popular searches, like "digital marketing agency," "SEO agency" or "Boston marketing agency." It's going to be hard to beat these guys for these types of SEO keyword phrases.

If you can't beat 'em, join 'em, right?

Let's take a look at five popular directories for marketing agencies and compare how they stack up.

1. Clutch

If you're looking to make your first move into directory listings for your agency, Clutch is a great place to start.

The directory boasts listings of more than 200,000 firms in over 500 categories. The main categories for agencies (and other business types) are as follows:

  • Advertising & Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Mobile App Development

  • Web & Software Development

  • Web Design

  • IT Services & Solutions

  • Business Services

  • Top B2B Service Providers

When you're creating your listing, you can build out a really detailed profile that includes everything from minimum project size and hourly rates to client reviews and your portfolio.

You can even integrate your profile and the nifty Clutch badge onto your own website, like we did on our homepage.

An added bonus for Clutch is that the directory pushes its listings out to partner websites like VisualObjects and The Manifest, so you're actually getting listed on multiple websites all at once.

Cost: Free (with a fee for the "Featured" listing)

2. DesignRush

Why stop with one site for your listing? The truth is, you should take advantage of every opportunity available to increase your exposure online.

DesignRush is another great option for doing so.

In a somewhat similar fashion as Clutch, DesignRush offers a sleek interface that allows you to build out your detailed company profile.

Check out the look and feel of DesignRush on its Top Chicago Branding Agencies of 2020 page.

You can fill out your profile with your agency overview, services, portfolio, client roster, press write-ups and reviews.

The website features a wide range of service providers in four main categories:

  • Agencies & Firms

  • Website & Apps Companies

  • Marketing Companies

  • Technology Companies

Cost: Free (when you provide a link to DesignRush from your website)

3. Agency Spotter

While you're at it, you're going to want to get listed on Agency Spotter, too.

The Agency Spotter website says the directory features nearly 15,700 agencies from over 120 countries specializing in 42 services areas.

The discovery process starts on the home page where potential clients can find your listing by searching for a number of marketing (and other) services by location and budget.

Like Clutch and DesignRush, Agency Spotter allows you to build out your agency profile with work samples, your client roster, reviews and other information.

Unlike Clutch and DesignRush, Agency Spotter requires users to create an account in order to search agencies, which could be a deterrent for some.

Cost: Free

4. Facebook Marketing Partners

Bet you didn't expect to see Facebook on this list, did you?

It's true, even Facebook has delved into the world of marketing agency listings.

One thing that differentiates Facebook Marketing Partners from other directories, though, is that it focuses specifically on helping businesses with their marketing efforts directly on Facebook. That being said, most agencies listed here specialize in social media marketing and related focus-areas

Partners can be discovered in the following categories:

  • Campaign management (for running Facebook Ads campaigns)

  • Creative platforms (for producing and curating videos and images)

  • Feed platforms (for designing product catalogues for display on various Facebook properties)

  • Lead ads platform (managing lead-ads data to develop a list of potential customers)

  • Measurement (for monitoring the performance of mobile app campaigns)

  • Conversion Data (for integrating conversion data for ad campaigns)

  • Technical services (for access to Facebook Ads experts)

As you might have guessed, Facebook Marketing Partners serves up agencies from all around the world, and even lets you display the languages you do business in.

When homing in on specific business needs, users can filter results by Solutions Subtypes, Countries, Languages, Service Models and Monthly Budget Range.

Cost: Unknown

5. The Creative Ham

The Creative Ham is the website that does it all: job listings, news aggregation and other interesting links and, yes, agency listings, too.

The aggregation section is a little outdated actually—nothing's been posted there since 2017. But that's not what you're there for anyway.

When it comes to the agency directory, it's mainly focused on the United States, with dedicated sections for 36 major metro areas. Internationally, there are nine difference cities available.

The Creative Ham offers its listings for free, and there's also a "Featured Agency" section that allows agencies who are already listed to appear in a prominent spot on the home page.

Cost: Free (with fee for "Featured Agency" listing)


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