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FB Brand Collabs Manager to Simplify Influencer Marketing

Smartphone with Facebook app next to MacBook

Image by Tim Bennett via Unsplash

Facebook has begun rolling out a new portal designed to make it ridiculously easy for businesses to work with digital influencers.

Facebook's Brand Collabs Manager will allow businesses to connect with digital influencers directly within the social network. While it's incredibly simple to get started with influencers on your own—we've detailed how to do so, Brand Collabs Manager should be more than enough reason for businesses and marketers who might still be intimidated by the process to finally get started.

For now, Brand Collabs Manager is currently available only to select users.

But based on screenshots of the portal, it appears to have a similar look and feel as Ads Manager, Facebook's portal for managing paid social ads.

This makes sense, as running sponsored posts by influencers—or as Facebook calls them, "creators"—is just another form of a paid social ad (although they appear more similar to organic content than traditional paid ads).

So What Exactly is Brand Collabs Manager?

TechCrunch describes it as a search engine that allows brands to browse influencers by various factors, including the countries in which they're most popular. Brands can also filter influencers based on their audiences' characteristics, including:

  • interests

  • gender

  • education level

  • relationship status

According to SocialMediaToday, brands can also view a compatibility rating (0-100 percent) for each influencer based on their brand and the specific promotion they plan to run.

A closer look at creators' profiles will reveal their location, website, preferred content type and personal details.

So instead of compiling lists of digital influencers based on your own research on social networks, Facebook will compile candidates (at least who operate on Facebook) in a nice and tidy list for you all in one place.

Visit to add your business to the waitlist to get started using Brand Collabs Manager.

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