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There's Only One Guarantee in Advertising

Times Square in New York City bustling with activity

Image by Robert Bye via Unsplash

There's only one guarantee in advertising. Are you ready for it?

Your audience is looking for any reason to tune you out.

They block your banners. They flag your email as spam. They fast forward past your commercials. They throw away your mailing.

It's tough out there.

So how do you prevent your audience from tuning out? The key is not to give them the opportunity to do so.

Follow these tips to separate your stuff from the "junk" that people tune out from.

  1. Get to the point better than everyone else

  2. Make your ad look like something that deserves their attention right now (and doesn't look like everyone else out there)

  3. Tailor your message to your reader/viewer and load that message up with specific benefits

  4. Ask for the order—easy to overlook, but really, if you want them to respond now, tell them to do it now

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